Did You Know?

I’ve been practicing Estate Planning for years, but it had not been a prominent part of my practice and focus.

Over time, I have found that I can be much more useful by helping families and business owners create an Estate Plan or a Business Succession Plan.

I also learned that many of my Corporate/Business Law clients, friends and associates had been looking for a qualified Estate Planning attorney, but they didn’t know that I was already doing this!

Be Useful

Earlier this month I read Arnold Schwarzenegger’s new book, Be Useful. From that book, I learned two important lessons: 

This is why I have taken your time today to let you know that I provide this extremely important service.

1.     You have to tell people what you do, who you are and what your purpose is. If you do not do this, how will people know? How will people get the help and assistance that you can provide?

2.   The title of this book came from direction given to Arnold by his dad. “Arnold”, his dad would say, “wherever you go, be useful.”



I know from experience that providing Estate Planning services to families, small business owners, retired couples, single adults, and everyone else, makes a difference in their lives. It makes me feel like I am Being Useful.



This is why I have taken your time today to let you know that I provide this extremely important service.

Protect Your Family

I am here to help you and your family. I have developed a system which is called Structured Legacy Planning, which is designed to make the process of creating your estate plan a smooth, easy and transparent experience. I help clients understand what an estate plan is, what their options are, the entire process and the total cost. Plus, there is also a plan for clients to stay in touch with me annually to review changes in their lives.

Let me take one more moment of your time and explain why you need a Structured Legacy Plan. There are 5 main reasons:

1.     If you have minor children, a well-structured Estate Plan allows you to make sure your children are taken care of the way you want and by the people you choose.

2.   A Structured Legacy Plan allows you to make sure your spouse/partner is taken care of if or when anything happens to you. Death is part of life –none of us will be able to avoid it. Sometimes, temporary or permanent incapacity is also part of life. A Structured Legacy Plan allows you to make sure that despite the unavoidable consequences of life, you can make sure your spouse or partner is taken care of.

3.   It allows you to take control of your assets and avoid the expense, waste of time and limitations that a Probate proceeding would impose on your family.

4.   You can create plan to take effect in the event you become incapacitated (even temporarily) that will allow you to receive the care you want, designate a trusted loved one to be your voice regarding your care and make sure that someone you choose is able to manage your finances while you are unable to.

5.   You can use your Estate Plan to protect the inheritance you leave for your children and heirs. You can keep the assets safe and protected until the time that you deem to be proper for distribution.

If you are ready to take the next step to take control of the future and protect your family, or even if you just want to learn more, either click the button below or scan the QR code below and a schedule a Structure Legacy Planning session with me at a time that is convenient for you.

I’ll spend 60 minutes with you and your spouse/partner via Zoom and help you gain the peace of mind you deserve.

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