I’m Scott Lawler, the Founder of The Lawler Group. I am a Corporate and Trusts & Estates Attorney.

Corporate Attorney

If you have come to this website to locate legal counsel with regards to your Corporate or Business needs, such as forming a new company, completing a potential business transaction, the maintenance of your business entity (i.e. Corporation, LLC, Joint Venture or Partnership) or planning for the succession of your business, I am here to assist with all of your Corporate matters.

I offer you comprehensive legal guidance and representation for your business. I handle a wide range of legal matters for my Corporate clients, including entity Incorporation/Formation, Transactional Work (Contracts, Leases Etc.), Mergers, Acquisitions, Corporate Governance, Shareholder Issues and other Corporate Matters. My experience and expertise ensure that your business can navigate the complex legal landscape effectively and make informed decisions to protect your interests. 

Trusts & Estates

If you have come to this website in search of information on Estate Planning, I am thrilled to start assisting you in the journey of planning for the well-being of your loved ones. I am eager to hear your story, understand your priorities, and guide you in determining the necessary steps to ensure that your loved ones are protected and avoid any legal disputes in the unfortunate event of your or their incapacitation or passing.

My system is designed to make Estate Planning simple, efficient, and comprehensive for each of my clients. I want to learn about the uniqueness of your family so that we can jointly design a Plan that perfectly fits your family’s situation, needs and desires. 

I will help you create a STRUCTURED LEGACY PLANNING that includes everything you need so that you can have peace of mind in the face of inevitable events at unknown times.