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Your Trusted Estate Planning Lawyer in Chandler

At The Lawler Group, we understand that estate planning is a crucial aspect of securing your family’s future. As a premier estate planning attorney in Chandler, our goal is to provide you with comprehensive and personalized legal services tailored to meet your unique needs.

Why Choose The Lawler Group?

When you choose The Lawler Group as your estate planning lawyer, you gain access to a team of experienced professionals dedicated to ensuring your estate plan is thorough and effective. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and commitment to our clients.

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Our Estate Planning Services 

Wills and Trusts

Creating a will or trust is essential for ensuring your assets are distributed according to your wishes. Our estate planning attorneys in Chandler are skilled in drafting these documents to provide you with peace of mind.

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Power of Attorney

Appointing a power of attorney is crucial for managing your affairs if you become unable to do so. The Lawler Group can help you designate a trusted individual to handle your financial and healthcare decisions.

Living Wills and Healthcare Directives

Our estate planning lawyers are experts in creating living wills and healthcare directives, ensuring your medical preferences are respected even if you cannot communicate them.

Probate and Estate Administration

Navigating probate can be complex and time-consuming. The Lawler Group offers expert guidance and support to help you through the probate process, making it as smooth and efficient as possible.

Benefits of Working with an Estate Planning Attorney in Chandler 

Hiring an estate planning lawyer from The Lawler Group ensures that your estate plan is legally sound and reflects your wishes. Our attorneys stay updated on the latest laws and regulations, providing you with accurate and relevant advice.

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Don't leave your family's future to chance. Contact The Lawler Group today to schedule a consultation with an experienced estate planning attorney in Chandler. Let us help you create a secure and comprehensive estate plan that protects your loved ones.

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