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  • By: William Scott Lawler, Esq.
  • Published: October 17, 2023
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While the do it yourself approach is commendable for various endeavors, Estate Planning demands a level of expertise that online templates and generic documents simply can’t provide. In the intricate landscape of Estate Planning, overlooking crucial details could lead to significant risks for you, your loved ones, and your assets. In this discussion, The Lawler Group will shed light on why enlisting professional help is the cornerstone of sound Estate Planning.

1. Validity Under Your State Law:

Legal documents, including those in Estate Planning, must adhere to specific state requirements to be considered valid. Each State has its own set of rules governing these documents, and any deviation from the

se standards could render your Estate Plan invalid. In such cases, the courts may distribute your assets according to the state’s intestate succession laws, potentially deviating significantly from your original intentions.

Much like an improperly executed DIY home improvement project, issues in a DIY estate plan may only surface after it’s too late to make corrections. The time and financial resources spent to rectify these oversights could far surpass any initial savings gained from the DIY approach. It’s a risk that could ultimately diminish the legacy you leave behind for your beneficiaries.

2. Aligning Documents with Your Goals:

Professional Estate Planning begins with a deep understanding of your individual goals and objectives. Without expert guidance, you might overlook critical aspects or fail to recognize potential objectives altogether. These goals could include:

– Ensuring your family maximizes the benefits of your financial legacy.
– Addressing long-term care considerations, including Medicaid planning.
– Handling unique family situations, such as providing for financially irresponsible beneficiaries or caring for loved ones with special needs.
– Minimizing estate and gift taxes for both the estate and beneficiaries.
– Facilitating a seamless transition of business interests to family members or designated successors.
– Preserving the confidentiality of your financial affairs.
– Appointing trusted individuals to make decisions on your behalf in the event of temporary or permanent incapacity.
– Streamlining estate administration to minimize costs and time.
– Preventing family disputes over your estate.
– Avoiding the probate process.

Crafting a personalized estate plan that addresses all these facets requires the insight and experience of an Estate Planning professional.

3. The Completeness of Your Estate Plan:

Selecting the right legal documents and ensuring they serve their intended purposes is an intricate task. DIY solutions often fall short in this regard, as they lack the depth of understanding and tailored approach that an Estate Planning attorney provides. A comprehensive estate plan considers a wide array of foreseeable and unexpected contingencies, all of which a skilled attorney is trained to identify and address.

By consulting an Estate Planning attorney, you embark on a thorough journey of discussing your unique circumstances and objectives. This extensive dialogue informs the selection and structuring of your Estate Planning documents, ensuring they align with your precise needs and wishes. In contrast, online services and forms can’t capture the nuance required to tailor an estate plan effectively.

An incomplete or misguided DIY estate plan elevates the risk of court intervention in distributing your estate. This not only incurs substantial costs and time delays but may also result in your intended beneficiaries receiving far less than anticipated, or possibly nothing at all.

Estate Planning requires a nuanced approach, seeking professional guidance is not just advisable—it’s essential.

I am licensed to practice law in the States of Arizona and California. If you reside in either state, I am here to provide you with the expertise and support you need to safeguard your future and that of your loved ones. Contact us today to embark on this crucial journey.

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